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Die Idee lulukulli

Die Idee lulukulli

"Karner 9" is a short movie produced by "Die Idee lulukulli".

"Die Idee lulukulli" was born by the drive to develop intermedia projects and to create synergies between the artistic and the cultural field.

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Elevator Music

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The story of „Karner 9“ centres the relationship of a father and son stuck in an elevator. In this confined room, the ghosts of the past are awakening. But father and son talk about Arabs, sneakers and moustaches – about anything except the important. As time goes by, the elevator becomes a prison guard who unleashes his own fateful energy.

Is it possible for father and son to free themselves from constant repetition and captivity?


SWISSFILMS Kurzfilmnacht-Tour (May 2014)
Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival, India (December 2013)
"l'endroit perdu - Der Ort des Wahnsinns und des Freisinns", Bern (February 2016)
Winner at Film Festival Blickfang, Kreuzlingen (August 2016)


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Cast and Crew

Father Siemen Rühaak
Son Jan Hutter
Production Die Idee lulukulli
Directed by Ivana Radmilovic
Sabine Spengler
Script Ivana Radmilovic
Camera Gabriel Lobos
Set Design Lisa Looser
Robert Radmilovic
Editing Julian M. Grünthal
Sound and Sound Design Jürg Lempen
Set Supervisor Yasmin Jörg
Make-up Georgina Keresztes
Costume Raphaela Kehl
Light Fabian Lüscher
Camera Assistant Manuel Haefele
Camera Crane Hanspeter Wieland
Colour Correction Christian Mathis
Visual Effects Marius Mahler
Assistance Aleksandar Tatalovic
Jelisaweta Bjeljajewskaja
Catering Kristina Rotach
Jacqueline Peterhans
Photography and Design Thierry Aggeler
Website Thomas Huber


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Die Idee lulukulli | Ivana Radmilovic
Hardplatz 15 | 8004 Zürich



Concept und Production Die Idee lulukulli
Directed by Ivana Radmilovic / Sabine Spengler
Camera Gabriel Lobos
Length 20 Minuten
Camera Sony PMW-F3
Release Summer 2013

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